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FAR-project is a document-archiving and retrieval system. FAR allows document-content independent recognition, archiving and intelligent retrieval via HTTP-protocol. The browser integration allows to use the FAR-system as an Internet document-database.


Automatic, Document, Image, Imaging, Indexing, Processing, Recognition


Introduction into FAR-system

The FAR is a pilot-project developed for evaluating and practising the state-of-the-art document imaging technologies. It has all features required by a modern document archival system, such as:

The architecture of FAR-system

[Under construction]

The implementation

[Under construction]

Future plans

The FAR is a pilot-project, so the development won't be continued in this form. The experiences and developed technologies of the project will be used in later development, and will be present in futuire document imaging softwares.


Phd. Csink, László (Kandó Kálmán Polytechnic)

Last modified: 21/12/98